In the vein of modern rock acts like Kings of Leon and The Black Keys, The Stone MGs blend old school R&B and soul into a new rock sound creating something that is equal parts Rolling Stones and Artic Monkeys.

The Farsighted

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What people are saying about

The Stone MG’s

With a passionate lead vocal and some fantastic backup vocals, The Stone MG’s present their deep dive into the journey of addiction with big energy and some dark visuals. It’s classic rock and roll, it’s throwback soul, and it’s a really good time.


The Stone MG’s really hit you in the gut with their music the way classic Rolling Stones albums of the 70s do.

Joe Hughes, Alternative Nation

Rock fans will love the urges and drive that form the engine of this musical vehicle and soul aficionados will admire the sleek lines of its finish. If that isn’t the best of both worlds then I don’t know what is.

Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

The Stone MG’s deliver impressive rocking-soul-music, the kind that occupies your body’s fulcrum. If you don’t like [“I Need You”], go see your doctor. You’re not well.

Randall Radic, Tattoo.com

To listen from a distance is to believe you’re witnessing an age-less classic – a funky, passionate performance from the early days of live music.

Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

“I Need You” isn’t the classic soul a la Al Green or Bill Withers, but rather it is akin to the rollicking and anthemic interpretation of Gnarls Barkley and Vintage Trouble.

The Revue

The guys are bringing back something that was being lost in the genre and that is a grandiose and mesmerizing blend of instruments, vocals, and lyrics that surpass the limitations of what is typical. This must listen gem is a must for any music lover and personally, an instant favorite.

Wolf in a Suit

I Need You doesn’t glorify a drug and addiction culture as so many rock songs do, but instead uses the bluesy beat to leave you with a message of how addiction can eat away at you. It has more soul than your typical rock song with a singer who is vocally in tune to the tracks need to educate, and that’s why it works so well. It’s brave and speaks volumes for the maturity of a band at the top of their game.

Jamie Parmenter, Vinyl Chapters

The Stone MG’s channel the energy of The Black Keys with this thunderous blues-rock thumper.

Chris Bound, Mystic Sons

These guys could be the ones to resurrect the rock scene!

Jane Hawkins, York Calling

Reminiscent of music from the 1970’s,The Stone MG’s are more than just a garage rock band. Instead, they pull from several different genres and decades, putting out a fresh sound that is ageless.

Brie Dunphy, Rekt Chords

“I Need You” has all the elements that makes classic rock just fantastic as a recording and live experience. Refreshing? Heck yes.

Come Here Floyd