Apocalypse Now and Forever

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Apocalypse Now is one of our favorites, a desert island selection, if you have it. For those who haven’t seen the film, just know that there’s nothing else like it. We hope you enjoy this little tribute. Special thanks to Bender Mohawk for putting it all together.

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  • Hayden Ingersoll

    Just gotta say, I love your guys’ music! I was super lucky to have found you by a YouTuber who makes compilation videos. He just so happened to make a James Bond compilation using the song Love and Let Die and it is now on my favorites list. Did you guys make that song specifically for that video? Also, do you have anymore information on your next release in the near future?

    Keep Rocking!
    Hayden Ingersoll

    • The Stone MG's

      Thanks, Hayden. Yes – we love Bender Mohawk! Glad you like his work! We hope to have new music out later this year. Will definitely let you know when we do. Thanks again for the kind words!

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