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We’ve been fortunate with our first release to have received a decent amount of good press (and some not so good, depending on whose side you sit). It’s great when anyone says anything positive about your song, but when they find subtle connections that you didn’t think of; connections that make perfect sense in hindsight, well, that’s one of the more interesting reviews to read. From Dave Franklin’s review:

It’s the sound that echos all of those great bar bands of the 60’s and 70’s who took the spirit of soul and rocked it up, the grassroots melting pot that ended up producing the likes of The E Street Band and The Asbury Dukes on one side of the Atlantic, The Average White Band and Dr Feelgood on the other. That same blend of the powerful with the emotive, the seismic with the seductive is at work here and it is an evocative mix for sure. Rock fans will love the urges and drive that form the engine of this musical vehicle and soul aficionados will admire the sleek lines of its finish.

When Rodney and I started this out, we just went where the music took us, tried not to think too hard and attempt to perfect something where the imperfections are often where you find the most gold. The production style of “I Need You” was very much where our first instincts went. We didn’t over-think it; We spit it out fast, like a mama bird serving dinner to her babies, and moved on to the next song. Maybe that’s the difference between us and what a lot of people who can’t play an instrument can do musically with a simple piece of software (the creative engineers, as I like to call ’em). We use our experience to spit things out fast, like we’re on the clock, where others line things up just right and auto-tune any beat or melody that falls off-center. I’m no elitist; Both options can still lead you to a climax of musical orgasma. But that’s the distinction that Dave Franklin’s making: Even though we’re still using a computer, The Stone MG’s are holding fast to the spirit of what seems like a bygone era. Thankfully, there are many, many, many more bands carrying the same torch.

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