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Special thanks to our Italian friends at Tutti giù Parterre for their kind review of Good Times. For those you who don’t speak Italian, here’s the review in English courtesy of Google Translate:

Stone MG’s are an American group that recently released a three-track EP with a garage rock and punk style. We present Good Times, a perfect blend of Soul, Rock’n roll, and Punk.

The three-track EP by this duo, Good Times, with a great vintage touch with a modern production with a grit to sell. We still found hope in Rock’n’roll thanks to Stone MG’s.

The opening track I Need You, a song about escapism and addiction originally, was released about a year ago as a single, it’s a wonderful funky forerunner with an enthralling drum beat and gorgeous bassline, while dirty guitars reminiscent of Hendrix, the smooth organs and saxophone solos make this song engaging and with a wonderful text. The second song ShotGun Mick, is a song about a punk: a dangerous, reckless, self-destructive narcissist, opens again with a deadly drums and a guitar grove that takes you and takes you elsewhere, envelops you and takes you back to the world of the years 70, the voices in this piece are also treated to perfection in the production.

The final Detroit track is jaw-dropping, a song about betrayal and despair that combines soul with rock, in a perfectly blended blend, the song sweeps you into a whirlwind of emotions. These three songs are incredibly perfect, because each listening is different from the other. If you love punk and rock’n’roll thanks to Stone MG’s there is still hope, through these well-crafted and impeccably written songs that weave soul Motown and garage rock into the street.

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