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Thanks to Jamie Parmenter of Vinyl Chapters for such an insightful and kindhearted review. From the review:

From the very beginnings of rock, many songs have had underlying drug references in the music, and sometimes the artist’s have had a lifestyle to match. It’s almost been glorified in some circumstances with nothing of the downside being talked about. I Need You by the Stone MG’s flips this trend and creates a track based around the dark side of addiction and all the problems that come with it. Lead singer Rodney James shows great strength in vocalising this and really highlights the plights and sacrifices that need to be made to battle addiction.

Vinyl Chapters is a unique site. Not only does Jaimie review new music, she also gets people to pick out a record and then transcribes their reflections on the music. It’s a fascinating, quick look into how music affects people. If you have a moment, check out the site.

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